Hey, I'm Nathan

I'm a software engineer and web designer based in Austin, Texas. I'm twenty-one years old and a third-year Computer Science major at the University of Texas at Austin. I have a passion for creating beautiful, innovative, responsive websites and user-friendly applications. I started programming when I was thirteen; finding new ways to challenge myself and learn new concepts. Over the years, I've been exposed to diverse programming challenges and created programs in numerous languages.

In 2010, I built a social media marketing platform for MySpace that attracted hundreds of thousands of users #MakeMySpaceGreatAgain. I’ve developed various projects in­volving video game automation, digital music software, and large-scale web applications. In 2013, I built an integration tool that seamlessly connects a popular DJ controller with the most popular DJing software in the world. It's plug-and-play and enables full control over the music with easy to use effects: all on a low-cost platform.

Simplicity is superior. I find beauty in the small things and try to emphasize the subtleties that make a huge difference in appearance. In the summer of 2014, I interned with Elevate as an Application Development Intern and I worked on RISE. Last summer, I was a Software Engineering Intern with Visa and I worked on CyberSource ap­plications. I love working with user interfaces and front-end applications, but enjoy full-stack development as well. I strongly support social coding and open-source software.

In my free time I enjoy working on open-source projects, watching movies, kayaking, spending time outdoors, and shooting sports. I'm a music, film, and video game fanatic, and I design websites and ap­plications as both a hobby and a career. I'm currently pursuing certifications in Information Security and Mobile Computing from the University of Texas at Austin along with my under­graduate program. I'm currently involved with the Longhorn Startup Lab entrepreneurial program.



Open Source
TrakPad DJ Integration Tool
RISE Dashboard Customer Statistics
u-tilities Lightweight CSS utilities framework
flex-grid Grid based on CSS flex property
meme-crypt Hide messages within meme images
CyberSource UI Riot based UI system
Old Portfolio Web Design
MyPartyFast Magento eCommerce

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