Hey, I'm Nathan

I'm a software engineer and app developer based in Austin, Texas. I'm twenty-three years old and currently working for HomeAway. In May 2017, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and certifications in Information Security and Mobile Applications. I have a passion for creating beautiful, accessible, responsive web and mobile applications.

I started programming when I was thirteen; finding new ways to challenge myself and learn new concepts. Over the years, I've been exposed to diverse programming challenges and written programs in numerous languages. I’ve developed projects involving video game automation, digital music software integrations, social networking, and large-scale web applications.

Simplicity is superior. I find beauty in the small things and try to emphasize the subtleties that make a huge difference. I'm a process and efficiency nerd that loves improving my development workflow with new technologies and tools. I love working with user interfaces and front-end applications, but enjoy full-stack development as well. I strongly support social coding and open-source software.

I love working with companies to build applications that have a massive impact on the daily lives of millions of people. I'm passionate about Node.js, JavaScript, GraphQL, mobile apps, and security. I'm a music, film, and video game fanatic. In my free time I enjoy working on open-source projects, building websites and apps, kayaking, and spending time outdoors with my dogs.



Open Source
imgcrypt Hide encrypted messages within images
u-tilities Lightweight CSS utilities framework
mayonnaise.js Spongebob-themed placeholder text generator for JavaScript
vscode-javascript-snippets JavaScript snippets for VS Code

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